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Your Looper

Introducing, this time in more detail,

This site currently hosts approx 495 downloadable flash loopers with each one containing numerous loops inside.

Studio Scratches gives you a quick tour and how to guide as we found the site a little tricky to get use to start with and hope to make it easier for you to take advantage of all these free beats on this underrated site.

How to use

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Looper” text on the main navigation
  3. Use the “Beatmaker’, “Year”, “Format” dropdowns or “Search” field to search / filter results – results will appear below if you are looking for something in particular, otherwise you should jsut see a load of images that look like album covers
  4. Underneath each looper image is an arrow – click the arrow to bring up the download details box
  5. Click the “Download” button
  6. Once its downloaded, open the file* (Mac users see not below) and you will see various buttons you click to play each loop. There should also be a stop button.
  7. Each looper is unique in design

* Mac users can use Eltima SWF & FLV Player to open the exe file:

Here is what a typical looper looks like:


Pretty obvious to use – click the numbers to play the loops. Some loopers are slightly more illusive and the buttons are disguised so you have to explore a bit. The stop button for this one is the label of the record. Most include a clickable link to the artist so you can discover more.

YourLooper advanced use

Once you have downloaded a few loopers and got scratching, you can make use of the other features this site has to offer.

Say you record a video over one of the loops, you can post this video in the loopers info on the site and then people can watch it.

Here is an example screenshot for the “Paradigme” looper:

your looper video

You can see all the videos at the bottom that have been linked. When you click on a video it comes up on the top right as in this example. The video plays there and then within the site.

Adding a link to your video is simple. When you are on this download detail screen:


just click the icon on the right that looks like a CD with the + sign O+

Enter the youtube url and off you go! It’s a great way to gain exposure.

You can also enter comments and rate the looper.

Pretty fantastic we think. There’s enough loops in this site to keep you amused for days, weeks, years, in a variety of styles.

Stay tuned for some Studio Scratches Loopers!

Thanks to beat4battle for the tip on how to open the loopers for all us mac users.

Which loopers are you feeling the most? Area any of your loops on this site? Post them in the comments below.

– Short-e

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  • smox

    great tutorial ! i have’nt reply to you email cause i have not enough time these day, but be sure we read you and i will send you a more detailled email for thanks !

    smox from yourlooper.

    Peace and unity

  • DJ FA

    Thx so much, bro.


    I just came across that stuff is ill! Do u hav to purchase the pro version of meltima? I downloaded the free one.. But it doesn’t work. It’ll play the intro then it will stop. I only wanna pay for the pro if it will actually stream on my mac.

    • MIZURY


    • Short-e – Studio Scratches

      Hello sorry I am not sure.

      I just used the free one. I don’t use the looper so much at the moment.

      Can anyone else answer this question?


    • mekon

      Hi, I know it’s been a year but to solve this you need to go to preferences -> playlist and uncheck the boxes there. Elmedia thinks the swf file has finished because of how simple loopers are (they only use one frame or whatnot)

      • studioscratches

        hey thanks so much for sharing that, I get asked all the time!