Baby Scratch Tutorial

This article features a video of Short-e teaching you how to do the Baby scratch. The beat is also included as a mp3 download that you can loop up to practice to.

Do not be fooled by the name, the baby scratch is the easiest scratch to learn and the hardest to master. Mastering the baby scratch will lay a strong foundation for the other scratches coming up in the future especially the chirp.

This tutorial is aimed more for the beginner just starting out but we hope you seasoned pro scratchers enjoy the beat and QnA at the end.

A “simple” moving back and forth of the record with no cross fader movement, so this is a one handed scratch. Whilst this is easy in that you can start making a sound that sounds pretty good, the real challenge is in the control of your hand to move the record, or what we call “record control”. This is something that you can only develop with practice. Get your babies DOWN!

Once you have the basics down, experiment with timings and swing.

You also get to download this beat, taken from the #8546 taken from the 85 BPM Hip Hop Instrumental Beats series.

Download Beat 8546

If you are a beginner, post a video response and I will critique it and advise you.

Happy Scratching! 😀


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  • mo

    Hi, Short-e,
    thanks for the tutorials your website has helped in so many ways, your vids are intuitive, many thanks just wanted to say this is one of the best sites on scratching, many many thanks from me,

    a great inspiration for many persons wanting to take up this art…..Thanks

    • Short-e – Studio Scratches

      Hey mo. No worries. Thanks for being part of the site! Appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  • DJB

    This is just what I am looking for !!! Your videos are very helpful. Thank you for taking the time and helping us newbies out !!


    • Short-e – Studio Scratches

      you got it thanks for watching!

  • Jin

    Hi Short-E
    Your website and tutorials are so amazing and helpful!Much appreciated :)
    Im a very newbie so I wonder that where I can find vocal sample to scratch like tutorial behind?Can you help me,please!

  • luca

    hi short-E i’m italian.. only one think: thank you.. you saved me with theese tutorials :-)

  • mark from asia

    I like the simplicity of your tutorials. thumbs up to you. thanks

    • studioscratches

      Thanks Mark! Really glad you like them! Happy Scratching! 😀

      • mark from asia

        as of now, I am using a controller, so far I can follow your simple instructions. I am moving to a dvs in a few months as I am planning to buy a dj tech dif1s and a turntable. :) post more combos!

        • studioscratches

          That’s really cool. Vinyl feels a lot more authentic.

  • William Cuellar

    I started a DJ blog almost a month ago now and came across this tutorial. I absolutely love it and had already written my post about the baby scratch. I was wondering if I could put your youtube video in the blog and give you credit? This is what the blog looks like. It’s called The Sounds of The Underground