Scratch Tutorial Tuesday – Flare Scratch

This week, I teach you how to do the Flare scratch.

The Flare scratch is an open fader scratch. Start with the fader open, release the sample then cut the sound in 2 by closing the fader then opening it again. You can flare on the forwards record movement and the back.

Once you have the basics down, experiment with timings and swing. Flare forwards and back. Practice hard as next week I will show you how to combine this with the chirp scratch to get one of the funkiest scratches around!

The beat is #8528 taken from the 85 BPM Hip Hop Instrumental Beats series.

What do you think of this tutorial? Want us to do more? Please leave your feedback and comments.

If you post a video response I will critique it and advise you if required.

Happy Scratching! 😀

– Short-e

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  • goldvoltron

    Get em!!!

  • Maloiff

    Great tutorial! which model of turntables are those? they look metallic silver, I want some!!! (seriously, really would like to know)

  • Studio Scratches

    hey Maloiff they are technics 1200 mk 2 with silver faceplates. If you google “chrome technics faceplates” you should get some results for where to buy depending on where you are. Hope that helps! – Short-e

  • stuart

    i have been following your video tutorials and enjoy watching them.
    i see that you scratch hamster style, as im currently learning scratching the normal way is there any chance you can show the scratching the normal way as well as hamster style.

    thanks short-e,

    from stuart…

  • Studio Scratches

    Hey Stu. That’s great you are learning. I only cut hamster, but just take the principle and reverse it. DJ Angelo has some cool regular vids on youtube. Hope that helps! Happy Scratching!

  • AJB

    These vids are sick man…
    Tunes are so good to practice to…


  • Studio Scratches

    Hey AJB thanks for stopping by and welcome to Studio Scratches!

  • http://N/A Deejay Maraadee

    This is good work u people are doing. Keep it up n’ cheers! Ope to take it to tha next level.

  • Phil

    hmm.. i dont really get the timing of the last pattern you are scratching in the qna! are those triplets??? and thx for the great work short-e! bought your 85 practice loops about 2 weeks ago and have been scratchin over them 24/7 :) peace!

    • studioscratches

      Hey Phil, yes they are triplets. Keep practicing you will get it. Glad you are enjoying the beats! Thanks!