Scratch Tutorial Tuesday – Baby Scratch

We are pleased to present to you the first in a series of mini scratch tutorials.

This week, Short-e teaches you how to do the Baby scratch. Do not be fooled by the name, it is the easiest scratch to learn and the hardest to master. Mastering the baby scratch will lay a strong foundation for the other scratches coming up in the future especially the chirp.

This tutorial is aimed more for the beginner just starting out but we hope you seasoned pro scratchers enjoy the beat and QnA at the end.

A “simple” moving back and forth of the record with no cross fader movement, so this is a one handed scratch. Whilst this is easy in that you can start making a sound that sounds pretty good, the real challenge is in the control of your hand to move the record, or what we call “record control”. This is something that you can only develop with practice. Get your babies DOWN!

Once you have the basics down, experiment with timings and swing.

The beat is #8546 taken from the Studio Scratches Beats for Scratch Practice Vol. 1 series

What do you think of this tutorial? Want us to do more? Please leave your feedback and comments.

If you are a beginner, post a video response and we will critique it and advise you.

Happy Scratching! 😀

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  • Andrés Irigoyen-Au

    Awesome video – can’t wait to see the more advanced tutorials. An excellent place to start for the beginner.

  • niic

    good tutorial, explains alot, plus those are some shine turntables!lol

  • riparato

    What up Short-e. Great first tutorial vid, very clear and concise. Looking forward to many more in the near future! fr fr freshhhhhhhhhhhhh